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Is Lords of Shadow a Metroidvania or GoW-esque game?

#31Bestia_SomniaPosted 12/11/2012 10:10:34 AM
SonicNash posted...
The OST was very forgettable for a CV...

Sorry, but no
#32este914Posted 12/11/2012 11:22:03 AM
glory of power metal posted...
This is probably the number 1 game I'd like to play but probably never will. I'm a hardcore CV fan, but I find the length of the game daunting, and feel that, as other people said, it'll seem like I'm playing a blend of games I already played rather than a new game. It reminds me of Red Faction Guerilla in that I'm sure it's a good game that I'll enjoy, but it'll always be slightly inferior to something else that I'll end up playing instead.

Forever lost in the lonely realm of 7/10 meh games..

So... Uhh... Why dont you go into it with an open mind and try it ... ?
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#33Dark_SpiretPosted 12/11/2012 1:42:39 PM
Bestia_Somnia posted...
Sorry, but no
LoS's music wasnt bad, but it lacked soul. it was standard "epic" orchestral stuff that youd find in any large scale high fantasy game like Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, God of War ect. The older CV's actually had less conventional music which made them more catchy and memorable.
#34Hated_DarknessPosted 12/11/2012 9:16:03 PM
Shadow Cloud posted...
The only facet? What about the whip being the main weapon?

Well, firstly, that's a only stylistic similarity, in the same way that "it has werewolves" or "it has vampires" could be pointed out as ways LoS is like classicvanias (or Metroidvanias for that matter). I'm talking about core design similarities. As far as the way having a whip-like attack hitbox affects the design of LoS vs how it affects the classicvanias, the whip in LoS does not really operate like the whip in the classicvanias as far as its typical attack hitbox since it is far more versatile laterally (a 2D whip has no need for such lateral movement, only vertical variations) or even vertically compared to non-SCV4 classics.

A whip in 3D space is usually made to operate very differently and for different design goals than a whip in 2D space and they chose to go that route because of the focus on 3D combat. From what I recall of Lament of Innocence, it's in a similar situation as well. Fighting in these games is not really like fighting in, say, CV1, despite the whip. In the end, as it usually does, it boils down to 3D combat being different from 2D combat and thus similar weapons (or even nominally the same weapon like the VK in LoI vs VK in CV1) are designed to behave differently and offer different styles of gameplay.

If you mean to say it's more like a classicvania than a Metroidvania because of the type of weapon you use, you need only look to CotM, PoR or HoD. Metroidvania in no way necessitates absence of a whip. But on core design principles, weapon hitbox similarities are about all that matters anyway, not the name of the weapon.

Shadow Cloud posted...
No leveling system?

LoS does have what is basically a leveling system though--although it does not operate in the same way as the Metroidvanias where your "stats" increase. You simply use experience points to unlock better combos which can allow for more damage compared to existing combos, more varied hitboxes, or give you some added logistical advantages. Like CotM and HoD, a specific type of collectible (in LoS a life gem) gives you permanent HP up and light and shadow gems give you MP ups of the specific variety they're associated with, so it bears mentioning that it has some similarities to some Metroidvanias there.

Either way you slice it, whether you wish to call this a leveling system or an experience system or what have you, it is a gameplay system that the classicvanias do not have. If LoS was designed to be closer to a classicvania in this regard, perhaps it would've had those little weapon power ups scattered about the levels or in the walls from CV1, 3, or SCV4 which made your whip turn from leather to chain and lengthened and strengthened it. CV64 has them as well, as it was designed to ape the classics in that way. Those are about the closest thing to a leveling system games like CV1, 3 or SCV4 have, but they aren't permanent.

Shadow Cloud posted...
I disagree with the platforming comment. Some of the stages are rather platforming heavy where you're forced to swing and jump around a lot.

That classification was not a denial that some stages are platforming heavy--some of them are.The game itself--when taken as a whole--however, is focused on combat primarily and platforming is secondary which is why I say it's 3D action with some platforming. That's also why it isn't classified as a 3D platformer like a 3D Mario game.
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#35NuuTypePosted 12/11/2012 9:17:58 PM
MlREFOX posted...
ScreamingMidget posted...

Hmm...I was hoping for more.

epic response.
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#36Strifer201Posted 12/11/2012 9:20:53 PM
I actually enjoyed LoS more than any GoW title (yes, I enjoy them too though). The atmosphere to me was top notch and the combat felt just as fluid. Definitely worth the price that is is now.
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#37berserksPosted 12/11/2012 9:22:38 PM
For 20 it s a great deal . Really liked it .
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#38keybladeXIIIPosted 12/11/2012 9:24:25 PM
Dark_Spiret posted...
Bestia_Somnia posted...
Sorry, but no
LoS's music wasnt bad, but it lacked soul. it was standard "epic" orchestral stuff that youd find in any large scale high fantasy game like Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, God of War ect. The older CV's actually had less conventional music which made them more catchy and memorable.

Yeah but the thing is, LoS wasn't really like the other Castlevanias because it was SUPPOSED to be epic and standard plot wise and desing-wise. I wouldn't like some heavy metal riff or crazy guitar solo while I was fighting a boss or playing a level in LoS. It would feel so out of place.

Personally, I think the LoS soundtrack is my personal favorite OST this gen that's not composed by someone who is Japanese.
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#39NuuTypePosted 12/11/2012 9:32:38 PM
I suppose I'm just a picky gamer but I couldn't bring myself to finish Lords of Shadow. Now I think about it, it was because it runs at 30FPS and had counters. Maybe my sony hdtv was too weak but the graphics were choppy and underwhelming, filled with awkward angles ala MGS1, no catchy music to help pass the time. Dante's Inferno is the better of the GOW clones by far. That game is great, and I hate gow.
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#40all_that_juicePosted 12/11/2012 9:32:59 PM
It out GoWs GoW.
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