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Which gaming headset for the price range?

#1Shadow_of_DethPosted 12/11/2012 6:40:39 AM
Got around 60 bucks to spend. Wanting them to be used for both PS3 and PC. Looking at :

Turtle Beach P11 -- $49.99
TRITTON Kunai -- $59.99

Better ones out there? And how much of a hassle is it to get all game audio to come out of it? Been reading about some people only getting the voice chat to come out of certain headsets if you use HDMI, having to use those old AV cables and piggy back the audio. I want the gunfire sounds, people walking, music, everything to come out of it, preferably in HD sound. Thanks for any advice and links. Can probably go up to about $70-$80 if it would be a good step up in quality. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, or if that's too much to ask of an $80 headset.
#2SDFan18Posted 12/11/2012 6:53:36 AM(edited)
The P11's are easy to setup. Comes with two wires that connect together out of the box. You plug the PS3's red and white composite jacks into the rca jack adapter that comes with the headset and then you plug in the usb cable on the headset and that's it. Instant game sound, and there is a volume control box for both game and chat sounds.
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#3Bebop242Posted 12/11/2012 6:56:57 AM
The original Playstation headset can be had for $80 if you shop around.

I have these and they are great. On screen controls for them, easy set up (just plug in the USB dongle) and pretty good sound for both the PS3 and PC.
#4Shadow_of_Deth(Topic Creator)Posted 12/11/2012 6:09:24 PM
I was thinking P11's. Those Sony ones for 80 look pretty nice too. Anyone else have a headset that would fall into this criteria?