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User Info: LMTTN

4 years ago#41

Make a new gimmick.
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User Info: lDarkdrak

4 years ago#42
Hey, TC, I understand your point, but western games doesn't stop japanese from releasing games. The real problem is the lack of localization. There are tons of good japanese games but only a few gets localized, but you can't blame western devellopers for that. They have nothing to do with it.
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User Info: trollhunter2

4 years ago#43
this guy again *sigh* >_>
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User Info: danny_S_06

4 years ago#44
Greer, you can blame Japanese devs for making terrible console style RPG's this gen, its hardly Sony's fault.
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User Info: gamestop27

4 years ago#45
AXKSION posted...
WTF - I did not buy a PlayStation for all these western pewpews.

I agree, I was pretty pissed when the games being hailed as must haves were a bunch of shooters, it turned me off from buying a PS3 until I knew for sure my favorite types of games were gonna be on it.
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