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Bully for PS3, like ever?

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User Info: RJP_X

4 years ago#1
Never played it, wouldn't mind an HD port with like 13 trophies or whatever they'd give us.
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User Info: PangLa

4 years ago#2
There's already an hd one on the 360 with full achievements and everything. I doubt it'll come on the PS3.

User Info: arclouks_x

4 years ago#3
It's not that good, it was fun at first but got boring fast, IMO never finished it.
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User Info: mk_spirit

4 years ago#4
I would love one.

It's probably my favorite Rockstar game. Only one I've had the urge to go through the main story more than a couple times. RDR is a close second.
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