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General consensus of Final Fantasy XIII?

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2 years ago#1
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2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
Pretty average as a game. Nothing really worthy of mention. Safe to skip.
2 years ago#4
Country Virtuoso Roy Clark
I am Mogar, God of Irony and The Devourer of Topics.
2 years ago#5
You mean the general consensus on GameFaqs?
2 years ago#6
Read the negative reviews (I have one myself) if you want generally honest opinions.

Read the 10/10 ones if you want blind faith to the FF and SE brands.
PSN ID: RyuuHou24
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2 years ago#7
it's a good game IMO
Swann:This is the last time.I'm tired of running damage control every time he makes a mess
Campbell:Right.You're the control,and if that fails,I'm the damage
2 years ago#8
It is probably one of the most polarizing works of art (let alone games) of all time.
2 years ago#9
Graphics are spectacular, battles are fun if you enjoy timed strategy, story/characters are just meh.
2 years ago#10
Good game. Much better than the blind haters would want you to believe.
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  3. General consensus of Final Fantasy XIII?

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