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Sequel that IS good, but not as great as the first game or the previous game.
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Import-Friendly Japanese Exclusives
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Only thing stopping me from getting a PS4
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Why don't they make a newer PS3 that has backwards compatibility?
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AC_Dragonfire205/23 2:50PM
Finished Resident Evil Revelations... what did you think about it?
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NightRain125/23 12:52PM
Which Prince of Persia should I buy? (Poll)
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What year did you buy your PS3? (Poll)
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Megamushroom666285/23 8:24AM
Is Sony gonna fix the PSN Store?!?Jx101055/23 8:14AM
so what would i expect from the Tron Bonne game?
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RJP_X115/23 7:46AM
POLL: Should I buy Mass Effect Trilogy? (Poll)
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Jx1010465/23 6:02AM
Did Gex Enter The Gecko get taken off PSN?
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SmplySablicious175/23 5:56AM