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What are your favorite "sick day" games?

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User Info: legendfirefox

4 years ago#21
Kingdom of amalur or i watch episode from Reboot or Twilight zone.
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#22
If I'm actually sick enough to be home from work (almost never) I'm not going to be playing games. I'll either be sleeping it off or lying down on the sofa watching a movie. Passive forms of entertainment have their place when you're not feeling well.
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." -Henry Ford

User Info: Sighto

4 years ago#23
Yeah, when I was young it was always "If your well enough to be playing games you're well enough to go to school."
That carried on into my adult life.

User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#24
I'm rarely sick as well, but when i do get sick it tends to be really bad. That said, i still forge on with whatever game i was already playing at the time. For example if i got sick right at this moment it would be Record of Agarest War.
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User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#25
I don't really get the flu, and if I do I wouldn't feel like playing a game. I just sleep, drink tea and honey, and watch a few seasons of Seinfeld or Peep Show.
*SPOILERS*----Mario dies!!!

User Info: Cole_The_Beast

4 years ago#26
Golden Maven posted...
Well if I'm strong enough to play video games, I'm probably strong enough to work.

Your job must not take much effort.

User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#27
Cole_The_Beast posted...

Your job must not take much effort.

The good ones usually don't. star being the obvious exception.
*SPOILERS*----Mario dies!!!

User Info: Justice98405

4 years ago#28
I watch movies and TV when I'm sick, as I'm too down and beat to play games.
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#29
I don't game when I'm sick. Can't handle it. Usually, I just find some old cheesy Martial Arts movies on Netflix. Van-Dam's gotten me through a couple of bugs.

User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#30
Sick Day, or "Sick" Day?

If it's the former, I usually lay in bead, try to play anything but wind up putting on Netflix and passing out. If it's the latter, Star Wars: Old Republic or something else I can sink a lot of time into in a single day.
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