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Poll: Your personal Game of the Year 2012

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User Info: JohnHitman47

4 years ago#21
Far cry 3.
ME 3.

3 games for GOTY, but i have to choose 1, well FC3.
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User Info: PlatinumBD

4 years ago#22
Yeah, the list is atrocious.
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User Info: este914

4 years ago#23
Poll failed... again....
also, no mention for re6? :)
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User Info: Bearprint

4 years ago#24
TWD is so innovative. Great story.
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User Info: pixel378

4 years ago#25
None of those, my GOTY is Twisted Metal or PSAS.
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User Info: CassyChan

4 years ago#26
Other: Binary Domain

User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#27
Dragon's Dogma.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#28
Either The Walking Dead or Halo 4.
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User Info: notSFF

4 years ago#29
Other: Borderlands 2.

User Info: blundermine

4 years ago#30
I'm going off the list with the Last Story. I've only played a couple on that list though.
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