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Which Final Fantasy Game Is The Best??

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User Info: Sand_Flare

4 years ago#11
6, 7, 9 and 10 tie for #1

User Info: cloud2556

4 years ago#12
"Only fools believe in deterrence."

User Info: kel25

4 years ago#13
6 was the best with Tactics coming in a close second.

User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#14
Sailor Moon returns 2013! O_o

User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#15
Tactics and XII are my favorites, but all of them are great except for FFX, FFX-2, FFXIII, and FFXIII-2 (haven't beaten VIII yet so no comment)
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User Info: DocDelicious

4 years ago#16
That's easy...Dissidia is, by far, the best.
Followed closely by VI and IV.
Then III, IX, Tactics and II.
Finally; FF, VII, X, V, VIII.
The rest are negligible.
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User Info: confettistorm

4 years ago#17
The original Final Fantasy Tactics

FF series has steadily gone downhill since the days of single digit FF games.
Didn't even pick up FFXIII 1 or 2 when it was $15.

Everytime I think I want to buy it, I watch gameplay videos and fall asleep...

User Info: AXKSION

4 years ago#18
FFVII is most definitely the best game of all time.

I would recommend playing through Final Fantasy 9. It's probably the second or perhaps third best Final Fantasy. Just remember that it's a bit slower.

Then I would recommend 10 and 12.

User Info: Virtue777

4 years ago#19
VI is my favorite, but I grew out of the "only one best Final Fantasy and most of the others suck" mindset a long time ago. I've played a **** ton of games. A **** ton. I have about a thousand video games, and the quality of Final Fantasy games, even heavily criticized ones like XIII, is so much higher than most of the other **** I've played.
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User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#20
I like 7 the best, it's my 2nd favorite game of all time after Chrono Trigger.

FF5 is really good too and it's my 4th favorite game of all time.

I like 9, 4, 10 and 6 (in that order) as well, but none of them make it into my top 10 list of games, probably not even top 20.
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