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First game you played for each Playstation system.

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User Info: gtaking5

4 years ago#71
PSOne - Some car game combat game. Wasn't Twisted Metal from what I remember.
PS2 - Vice City I believe. This was like 8 or 9 years ago, so my memory is a little fuzzy(like everyone's memory when they are around 8)
PS3 - Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. This one I remember. Got my PS3 Christmas 2007. Along with it I got ToD, Heavenly Sword and like four other games I can't remember for the life of me(Motorstorm came with my PS3) Although the "first" game I played on it was Resistance Fall of Man at one of those demo kiosks at Walmart.
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User Info: SephirothN1

4 years ago#72
PS1: Tekken 2
PS2: Final Fantasy X
PSP: Metal Gear Acid
PSVita: Wipeout 2048
PS3: Final Fantasy XIII

User Info: lninjasonicl

4 years ago#73
PS: Beyond the Beyond
PS3: Folklore
PSP: Lumines
Vita: Hot Shots Golf
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User Info: Sheria_K

4 years ago#74
PS1 - Duke Nukem 3D port, played it for about an hour and wondered why I would ever not play the PC version.

PS2 - Kessen - Not bad game, bought the sequel. While I bought my PS2 with Kessen and Timesplitters, it was really Shadow of Memories and ZOE I was after which came out a week later.

PS3 - Resistance, what do you expect for an early adopter.

PSP - Metal Gear Acid & Ape Escape port - Imported because there was just too big a gap waiting for the EU release and I knew there was no region locking aside from UMD films which I was never going to buy anyway.

PSVita - Shinobido 2, I do like the game but still barely touched it, it's still on the backburner to go back to.
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User Info: byrocracy

4 years ago#75
Ridge Racer! I could never beat the black car.
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User Info: RaYeO

4 years ago#76
PS1 - Crash Bandicoot
PS2 - Tekken Tag Tournament(I think)
PS3 - Metal Gear Solid 4

User Info: BahamutZERO

4 years ago#77
PSX: ESPN Extreme Games
PS2: The Bouncer
PSP: Phantasy Star Portable
PS3: Uncharted 2

User Info: ign0to

4 years ago#78
As far as I can remember it:

PS1: Crash Bandicoot 2 (Demo)
PS2: Spider-Man: The Movie
PS3: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
PSP: MegaMan Maverick Hunter X
Vita: Street Fighter X Tekken (haven't started playing yet because it's been just a few days since I got my Vita, but it's the only game I have so far, won't be getting any new ones for a while now)

User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#79
PS1 - Metal Gear Solid
PS2 - Soul Calibur 3
PS3 - Vanquish
PSP - Valhalla Knights 2
PSV - Assassins creed 3 liberation
PSVita no games?

User Info: ChubbierTube

4 years ago#80
PS1 - Ridge Racer (Bought my PS at launch with this game)

PS2 - NBA Street??? (I really can't remember this one. I just remember that the Toys R Us where I pre-ordered my PS2 closed down and I was screwed out of like $35.00 on the reserve. I bought my PS2 maybe a year later when you could find them on store shelves.)

PS3- Motorstorm (Came with my 80GB bundle)

PSP - Tony Hawk or Twisted Metal (Bought both at launch)
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