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Your Favorite Game Franchise of All Time?

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4 years ago#181
Little Big Planet
4 years ago#182
In order:

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
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4 years ago#183
Gotta go with Mario

2D Plats, 3D Plats, RPGs, Sports, Kart... All of 'em
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4 years ago#184
Tales series.
4 years ago#185
It's a spinoff series, but I really like every Final Fantasy Tactics game. I really hope they come out with another one.

If it weren't for the massive disappointment that was Partners in Time, I would have said Mario and Luigi.
Thanks, L4DHunter!
4 years ago#186
Favorite franchises:
Metal Gear Solid
The Elder Scrolls (mostly for the sake of Morrowind)
Metroid (the Prime games)

In the end, I guess I would have to say Pokemon is my favorite series, as I basically grew up on it and have played (and enjoyed) every generation. Yep, I may possibly be a little childish :p

For the record, Morrowind is still my favorite game ever, though.
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4 years ago#187
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4 years ago#188
BluePuniGod posted...


I also love the rest of the SMT series as well, naturally.
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4 years ago#189
1. Final Fantasy
2 .Metal Gear Solid

And alot more like Chrono, Lunar, Crash Bandicoot.. but these two are my top 2 fav by far. (On a side note.. facepalm at the ppl who list COD as their favorite of all time. I've played over 500 hours of Blops 1, but not even close to all the great franchises over the past 2 decades)
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4 years ago#190
Half Life universe
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