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What are your 5 favorite games of all time?

#11Snipersnake111Posted 12/22/2012 10:08:03 PM
No order.

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy Tactics
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Mass Effect 2
Kingdom Hearts 2
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#12TRIAZlCPosted 12/22/2012 10:10:57 PM
No order:

Final Fantasy Tactics
Crash Team Racing
Jak 3
Kingdom Hearts 2
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#13archizzyPosted 12/22/2012 10:15:29 PM
I honestly can't do 5. I have to do 10. In no order

Phantasy Star III
Suikoden 2
Skies of Arcadia
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Blaster Master
Legend of Zelda
Zelda OoT
Zelda Wind Waker

So many others that could make that list but I already went over.
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#14DarknessXSeekerPosted 12/22/2012 10:17:36 PM
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal
Jak 3
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#15WantedOutlawPosted 12/22/2012 10:18:23 PM
Red Dead Redemption
Resident Evil 2
Left 4 Dead
Mass Effect
Zelda: A Link to the Past
#16kamikaze135Posted 12/22/2012 10:23:11 PM
Gears of War 2
Halo 3
Mortal Kombat 4
Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Halo 4

Honorable mention:
Call of Duty 4
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#17LuigiVampaSwagPosted 12/22/2012 10:32:48 PM
Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Killer 7
Max Payne 3
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Splinter Cell
#18Ninjamaster5353Posted 12/22/2012 10:57:35 PM(edited)
in no order

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue
Wild Arms 2
Dot Hack//G.U. Vol 3 Redemption
Bullet Witch
Resident Evil
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#19king_maddenPosted 12/22/2012 11:01:00 PM
final fantasy 7-ps1/ps3
suikoden V-ps2
final fantasy X-ps2
grandia 3-ps2
valkyria chronicles-ps3
herzogs zwei-sega genesis
command and conquer red alert-ps1

yes these are my top 5.
#20You_Need_A_LifePosted 12/22/2012 11:02:20 PM
No particular order:
-Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos
-Final Fantasy VII
-Metal Gear Solid (original version)
-Deus Ex