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C/D: The last great JRPG to come out was Final Fantasy X.

#211BokuxPicoPosted 12/25/2012 3:18:05 AM
Final Fantasy X was the last true Final Fantasy. The last great JRPG it is not.
#212SolidKnightPosted 12/25/2012 3:21:46 AM
D. FFX was terrible. The story and characters killed that game.
#213Stanger5150Posted 12/25/2012 3:23:54 AM
I don't really like FFX that much.
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#214majin nemesisPosted 12/25/2012 4:16:38 AM
Swann:This is the last time.I'm tired of running damage control every time he makes a mess
Campbell:Right.You're the control,and if that fails,I'm the damage
#215temgunPosted 12/25/2012 4:40:00 AM

That's not how you write Persona 4.
#216mogar002Posted 12/25/2012 5:19:29 AM
lol deny
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#217DragoonGriffithPosted 12/25/2012 5:22:06 AM

Hell no
I've played at least 30 (if not way more) JRPGs since FFX came out that I find better than it.
#218Omega_BlackPosted 12/25/2012 5:43:00 AM
lol Xenoblade Chronicles would like a word.
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#219shinkyoacb87Posted 12/25/2012 7:21:13 AM
huge D, lol 10 is soo over rated, the story was crap, and the characters most of them i could do with out. 10-2 was better
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#22061degreesPosted 12/25/2012 7:22:53 AM
X is my second favourite. 13 is my least favourite.