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which superhero would you like to get a great game like the BatmanArkham series?

#51KatonPosted 12/26/2012 12:59:29 PM
The Flash
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#52MadJak91Posted 12/26/2012 1:08:57 PM
TheCyborgNinja posted...

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#53LAGswitchLARRYPosted 12/26/2012 1:12:13 PM
I wouldn't want to subject Any superhero to mark hammil's horrid over acting so the correct answer is NO ONE

Dont destroy any other hero
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#54catsimboyPosted 12/26/2012 1:34:38 PM
Nobody said Lobo yet? Ok, LOBO.
#55fat8mePosted 12/26/2012 1:35:15 PM
Green Lantern
#56ThePatrickPosted 12/26/2012 1:36:05 PM
Stardust the Super Wizard
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#57myunihausenPosted 12/26/2012 1:43:32 PM
I throw my vote in for Groo the wanderer as well.
#58SilentGamerGuyPosted 12/26/2012 1:44:52 PM
From: Stanger5150 | #004
A Rocksteady TMNT game, based on the original comic. It should be darker than any other portrayal if them.

I agree with this.
#59Mattywright77Posted 12/26/2012 1:49:06 PM
myunihausen posted...
I throw my vote in for Groo the wanderer as well.

What pirates!?
#60Devilman_AmonPosted 12/26/2012 2:08:33 PM
If they make an Iron Man game I want it based off the 60's cartoon with matching cel shaded graphics and similar voice work