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With this generation drawing to a close, what are your top 5 games this gen?

#111Mud_ChanPosted 12/27/2012 1:15:26 PM
Demon's Souls
Wipeout HD

That's pretty much it.
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#112FooFighters25Posted 12/27/2012 1:16:28 PM
Tales of Graces f
Call of Duty 4
Smash Bros. Brawl
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
Dead Space
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#113OhHeyltsYouPosted 12/27/2012 1:22:21 PM(edited)
1. Gran Turismo 5
2. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
3. Super Smash Bros: Brawl
4. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
5. Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
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#114billman1000Posted 12/27/2012 1:22:02 PM
not in any order

1. Wii sports (why not)
2. Call of Duty 4
3. Halo 3
4. Skyrim
5. The NHL series
#115xmcphersoPosted 12/27/2012 1:24:27 PM
I can't answer this question yet. I have high hopes for The Last Guardian (if it ever comes out), Ni No Kuni, Dead Island Riptide, Dead Space 3, The Last of Us, and Beyond Two Souls...

Damn, its a great to own a PS3 huh. 2013 is set to be the best PS3 year yet.
yes. that would be dark.
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#116hyjinx17Posted 12/27/2012 1:36:38 PM
1.Mass Effect 3(ending aside, the game was soo good.
2.Dragon Age:Origins(please let 3 be like this)
3.Kingdom Hearts BBS
4.Fallout 3
5.Mists of Pandaria
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#117osboesPosted 12/27/2012 1:54:37 PM
In no particular order (and excluding HD PS2 re-releases/PS1 classics ect)

1) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
2) Heavy Rain
3) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
4) Fifa (the series has come a long way since last gen)
5) Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
#118Rebel_GPosted 12/27/2012 2:09:59 PM
In no particular order.

I can tell these are my favorites, because I would gladly any one of them right now.

Mass Effect 1
Saint's Row 3
Sacred 2
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#119ps2snesgodPosted 12/27/2012 2:13:30 PM
1. Mgs4
2. xenoblade
3 mario galaxy 2
4 mass effect 2
5 deadly premonition
#120XImperialDragonPosted 12/27/2012 2:16:40 PM
In no particular order:

Borderlands (I can't decide between 1 or 2)
The World Ends With You
Demon's Souls
Does Persona 4 count, since it was released during this generation? If so, that one. If not, Valkyria Chronicles.
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