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1200+ hrs on FFX...

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4 years ago#111
Over 250
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4 years ago#112
Around 300. I did not redo the grid..but i did send my characters on every spot of the grid. The most time i have ever put into a RPG though was FF12....beat the game 3 times and prob put over 500 hours into it it total.
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4 years ago#113
Probably around 300-400 on 5ish playthroughs spread out from the games release until my last one 2 summers ago. I never played the international version, though. If SE finally releases FFX HD and it isn't the international one I'm going to be furious.
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4 years ago#114
Probably around 400 between all my files. I ******* LOVE FFX.
4 years ago#115
Only played 3 hours before I stopped.
4 years ago#116
0 hours and 0 minutes Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica
4 years ago#117
Holy crap! 1200? I think I'd go crazy if I played ANYTHING for that long.

And 140-ish. Two files, maxed everything on one, just played normally on the second one.
Damn. Now I want to start another file.
4 years ago#118
hockeybub89 posted...
0 hours and 0 minutes
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4 years ago#119
About 250 in my main playthrough, though I've had various other playthroughs with about 40hrs.
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4 years ago#120
I think it was just at 220 hrs.. All celestial weapons.. Saves rt at "Inside Sin", maxed out all Aeons..and had all Aeons and party members doing maximum damage on single moves.. It was a bit of overkill but I loved the game that much! Lol

Closer to the end of my playtime, I was mostly playing blitzball and replaying the battle to the end (the last place in game where you have access to a save point)
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