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New Info Regarding Dragon's Keepdragondrive3367/31 6:30PM
Destiny on PS3.
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MMAKSX127/31 6:29PM
I really want a good dungeon crawler rpg
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MetroidHunter13417/31 5:44PM
What's a good Capture Card to start LP's with?
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SkiethXInnis117/31 4:42PM
are there still people on Demons Souls to help with bosses?reptileegg47/31 4:01PM
1080i only in my PS3
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Alfieri x147/31 3:56PM
PS3 Slim struggles to read discs help please
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OZ_Archangel127/31 3:54PM
How do you take a screenshot on a PS3 without a capture card?justaseabass77/31 3:43PM
Poll : Do you wanna see Sheva Alomar back in the next RE installment ? (Poll)
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danny5329117/31 3:37PM
Am I one of the few people who actually like the Dualshock 3?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
justaseabass427/31 3:21PM
Please suggest me great japan psn gamesitachi0037/31 3:20PM
To those people hating on the brilliant Call of Duty games (Imagine a sale)
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ffkills147/31 2:51PM
PS3 owners with PlayStation Plus will also be able to play Dragon's Crown
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
PhaseBlack167/31 2:28PM
What exclusive game franchise(s) on this platform that are highly regarded...DwightFreeney93107/31 2:12PM
More Inquisition Info (spoilers-beware)dragondrive3357/31 2:08PM
Deathspank from EU Summer Sale got a Metacritic of 79..ffkills87/31 1:13PM
Whats the hype about Guacamelee!?ffkills107/31 1:09PM
Mass Effect vs. Mass Effect 2 vs. Mass Effect 3 (Poll)
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ChaoticFairness467/31 12:48PM
Lost Dimension(japanese psn demo)question.lopol1217/31 12:36PM
Theres a Red Box App on my PS3 that wont go away................................
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Jx1010217/31 12:07PM