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Wow! Dead Space with a sound system! (Archived)
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-Bungle-1811/16 12:30PM
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Why does Rockstar threat their ps3 fanbase like dog poo? (Archived)ffkills611/16 8:41AM
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Confused about Resident Evil 2 on PSN (Archived)kronos96711/16 7:49AM
Rockstars last good game was.. (Archived)
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flashSale2911/16 7:31AM
couch co-op games (Archived)
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ericherm121811/16 6:41AM
Call of Duty: Obsolete Warfare (Archived)
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AzurexNightmare3011/16 5:10AM
Vertical shooters? (Archived)shaftymcnasty211/16 4:44AM
Best PlayStation 3 Game of 2007: May (Poll)horror_spooky611/16 2:20AM
Question for fans of SMT and Persona. (Archived)
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spacecowboymike5211/16 1:46AM
Favorite parts of your favorite games :D (Archived)
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SegavsCapcom1511/16 1:38AM
So, the new Digimon game? *spoilers* (Archived)WiiareVenom511/16 1:29AM
Getting a new ps3. (Archived)HiddenHawlucha211/16 1:12AM
Question for vets of SMT: Nocturne *Spoilers* (Archived)Worker_8_711/15 10:42PM