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Vita flopping proves Sony should focus on PS3 only.

#171kewldude475Posted 12/31/2012 12:12:40 AM
Mutant1988 posted...
We're not all idiots here

I dunno, you've made some pretty dumb posts.
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#172CrimsonGear80Posted 12/31/2012 12:27:29 AM
Many adults with a smart phone see no reason in getting something like the Vita.

Unless they want a Vita to play Vita exclusive games, which there are a lot of out now and coming soon.

You might as well replace "smart phone" in your argument with "PC".
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#173Ebak_the_catPosted 12/31/2012 4:09:07 AM
The Vita definately isn't doing well, but that is no reason to abandon it, what about the poor sods who did indeed shell out money for a Vita. I am actually enjoying my Vita and I can't wait to pick up Sly Cooper 4 via cross buy when it comes out, there's something I like about being able to play the same game wherever I go.

People will always say the iPod and the 3DS are more successful, yes, but does that make the Vita a bad console? I don't think so, I think the Vita is just as good as the 3DS and the iPod, naturally though you get the fanboys who say 'Vita has no games'. Uhuh, well interesting fact, the Vita has had more games and exclusives in it's first year than the PS3 had in its first year. Therefore it is still on track with becoming a success.
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#174Mutant1988Posted 12/31/2012 8:57:10 AM
kewldude475 posted...
Mutant1988 posted...
We're not all idiots here

I dunno, you've made some pretty dumb posts.

And you have made some dumb replies.

Just because you throw an insult in there doesn't mean you're right, you know. In fact, you have pretty much done nothing but state your opinion alongside insults...

In fact, I'm not sure you have proven me "wrong" once. Other users have though (ironbru and justchill433 and whoever mentioned the D-pad menu navigation first).

Yes, my dismissal of the Vita is unrealistic (Which I have stated) and perhaps unnecessarily harsh (Again, I've conceded that).

But I judge it by how it's been handled thus far and it hasn't been handled well (In my opinion - The fact that it hasn't sold well should imply that others share that opinion).

So yeah, sincerely, I would rather have it's games on a system with other good games and a lot less stupid (Price, memory, battery, gimmick controls).

I'd love for Sony to prove me wrong. Meanwhile, you can't.

I can't make judgements based on how it could be, because I can't see into the future.

Benefit of the doubt? Yeah, I would give them that if it did something right to begin with.

Oh, and battery life:

I don't know about you, but I get around 6 hours from my PSP 3000.
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