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Which of these games are excellent single player games?

#1hotgirlsarehotPosted 1/1/2013 10:51:00 PM
By this, I don't necessarily mean a 60 hour game, but one that is fun enough to play over and over again, or have lots of single player modes.

These look fun, but I want to make sure I'm getting the most bang for the buck:

WWE 13
King of Fighters 13
Walking Dead
Assassin's Creed II, III, or Revelations
Batman Arkham City
Spider-Man (the one with 4 spideys)
#2SDFan18Posted 1/1/2013 10:53:16 PM(edited)
Arkham City is an awesome single player game. I've played it multiple times and still play it. Not only does it have a good story but the combat challenges are pretty fun and some slightly challenging.
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#3AwesomePS3gamerPosted 1/1/2013 11:00:45 PM
hotgirlsarehot posted...
The Walking Dead
Assassin's Creed II, III, or Revelations
Batman Arkham City

Those. Arkham City and Assassin's Creed II are the best from your list. ACIII, Revelations and The Walking Dead are quite good too.
#4hotgirlsarehot(Topic Creator)Posted 1/1/2013 11:01:43 PM
Okay, I will be getting that for sure then, as it's on sale for $19.99 from $40.

Anyone else?

Also, I forgot to list Uchartered and MGS4
#5ZEXEPosted 1/1/2013 11:08:31 PM
don't get ACR its story is just pointless sure its nice to have closure on Altair and Ezio finding some happiness and the gameplay is fine with the exception of the tower defense but the plot is just horrible
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#6howdyneighbor25Posted 1/1/2013 11:10:24 PM
WWE 13 - hate wrestling too fake for me
King of Fighters 13 - not a fan of weaboo stuff sorry
Walking Dead - indie garbage
Catherine - great game to play with a girl :)
Assassin's Creed II, III, or Revelations - awesome series story is deep and very rewarding
Batman Arkham City - love batman
Spider-Man (the one with 4 spideys) - spider man is awesome too :)
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#7wstfldPosted 1/1/2013 11:34:03 PM
Arkham City is amazing. So much fun.
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#8hotgirlsarehot(Topic Creator)Posted 1/2/2013 12:02:03 AM
Right now I'm going to get Assassin's Creed II (only if one sale) and Batman AA.

So even if I choose to not play online and mainly want to play alone, Batman AA and ACII will give me plenty of fun/money's worth, yes?