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Bought a $20 PSN card. What to buy?

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2 years ago#1
I got it before I ever saw the PS Store and when I finally saw what they had, I did not like a single game. Everything looked boring. Is there a fun shooter or just something fun that is in the store?
I was expecting a better variety.
Steam: Gunner Noble
2 years ago#2
May I ask first, what store do you use? EU?US?AS?JPN? ...other?
PSN/Wii U: GuiltyPersona Official Foreign JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken #1 Fan
Playing: (PS3) Shin Hokuto Musou, Sora no Kiseki FC Kai (WiiU) MH3GHD, Sangokushi 12.
2 years ago#3
2 years ago#4
Steam: Gunner Noble
2 years ago#5
Yes, Shooter you say?

Counter Strike - Global Offensive. Get that.
2 years ago#6
Yes, shooter.
Steam: Gunner Noble
2 years ago#7
we dont know what you like, so heres games i bought that i liked alot. im not listin games i own and thought it was ok, and im not listin games i only played the demo of

hard corps uprising (Contra)
castlevania harmony of dissonance
virtua fighter 5 final showdown
shank 2
streets of rage 2
megaman 9
pacman championship edition dx
the walking dead
bloodrayne betrayal
awesomenauts (the game is made for online and has only 3 levels sadly)
sonic adventure 2 hd
jet set radio hd
double dragon neon
the house of the dead 4
metal slug 2
nba jam on fire edition (only if you have someone to play with)
2 years ago#8
mab2815 posted...
Yes, shooter.

I said It once and I will say It again CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive)
2 years ago#9
Soldner X. It's something kinda like Galaga, but it's pretty decent
2 years ago#10
If you were talking about a "SHUMP"

Pixeljunk shooter 1 and 2 are both ten bucks each and well worth It.

Shatter Is a fun game that Is close to a Shooter

Beat Hazard If you like music based shooters and for FPS shooters you already know.
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  3. Bought a $20 PSN card. What to buy?

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