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Who is the most badass video game charecter!

#31jammiesPosted 1/4/2013 4:57:11 AM
Alex Mercer
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#32thesnoopmeisterPosted 1/4/2013 5:19:46 AM
Isaac Clarke.

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#33kc999Posted 1/4/2013 5:42:38 AM
Auron, don't they even call him badass in KH 2? Or some child friendly version of badass.
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#34RioichiCooperPosted 1/4/2013 5:46:28 AM
Red-Sparrow posted...
Duke Nukem is the only acceptable answer.

I feel ashamed that I forgot about him.
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#35CanibusNotepadPosted 1/4/2013 6:22:42 AM
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#36GensokyoPosted 1/4/2013 6:31:42 AM
Alex from Golden Sun.
#37MrDarkZer0Posted 1/4/2013 6:33:38 AM
he is insanely BA
#38MadDewgPosted 1/4/2013 7:21:18 AM
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#39legionofpancakePosted 1/4/2013 7:42:00 AM
Nathan Hale. He fought World War II AND Aliens at the same time.
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