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For people 26+ gaming is extremely boring now.

#381McSnarledPosted 1/9/2013 12:42:50 AM
31 and loving games still... My problem Is I love the PSN games and Indie computer games more so than the disc games. I think it has to do with to many FPS and less actual creativeness. I want to like A lot of the new school stuff. I loved Demons and Dark Souls and the sports games yet I could not get Into any shooter other than Borderlands and CS GO. My current favorite game Is Sound Shapes as It mixes platforming, music, and Graphics In A way that Is enjoyable beyond my expectations. On that same note the Final Fantasy games and RPG's took a hit. Other than Borderlands, Disgaea 4, Star Ocean 4, and Valyrike Chronicles there Is nothing else to offer.

Also getting older means you lose Interest In story lines.... You seen It all before. Games like suikoden 2 and Final Fantasy 1-7 and then it tailed off after 8-10, 12 was good but still. That game lost its charm but had the best espers since ff7. Now Indie games like "To the moon" and "Bastion" have the stories and style over main stream games. I have yet to play Heavy Rain and I want to since I hear It actually Is a good interactive game.

So basically gaming has not got old, However a mixture of breaking something that did not need to be fixed and the overload of FPS and easy gimmick games has gotten me a bit down about It. Thank god for PSN games such as Sound Shapes, Wipeout HD, Journey Castle Crashers, Dyad, and Pacman CE:DX I have a different style games to chose from and that Is not including the rest of my PSN games. Bottom line Is there Is always a game or older game you will love. Just like music your age should never mean stop playing because we all need fun In our life. Games are my escape from stress and the real world. Cheers Older Gamers!