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Should I buy Metal Gear Twin Snakes for 40 bucks or wait for a remake?

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User Info: Matrix is poo

Matrix is poo
4 years ago#1
I have the Metal Gear HD collection, im planning on playing all the games this month. Only one im missing is Metal Gear Solid.

Im debating whether or not I should get Twin Snakes. I have a Wii so I would need to buy a gamecube controller as well.

Its 40 bucks used and 109 new!

Should I get Twin Snakes or should I just wait for a Metal Gear Solid Remake?

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User Info: ManuKesna

4 years ago#2
mgs from the store
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User Info: AnonUnknown

4 years ago#3
there won't be another MGS remake anytime soon, go for Twin Snakes.
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User Info: RJP_X

4 years ago#4
You could get a PSN card and get the original MGS as digital for 10$. I luckily found that remake at a movie store 4 or 5 years ago for 6$ while it was selling expensively on Amazon.
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User Info: MadDewg

4 years ago#5
ManuKesna posted...
mgs from the store

This. Even though I own and have beaten twin snakes a few times, I still prefer the original playstation version overall. They really nailed it with the voice acting in the original, lol.
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User Info: SmoshCuch

4 years ago#6
Why play a remake if you don't have to? Get the original MGS.

User Info: William_18

4 years ago#7
I say get the original off the PSN (like what everyone else is saying). I love The Twin Snakes and it is totally worth the $40 but if you're not a big Metal Gear fan then just get MGS1 for $10 off the PSN.

If you end up liking the game a lot then go back and buy The Twin Snakes.
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User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#8
Seeing as MGS4 uses the Twin Snakes accents it might be less jarring to play that instead of the original.

Don't forget you need a memory card too TC. Don't get a 1000 block one as the Wii has issues with them. Also, try and get a white Japanese controller because it has a 3 metre cable. I got one for Christmas for $29 brand new. 256 memory cards are around $16.

Anyway, just don't get the copy of TTS I've got my eye on because I'm getting it next pay day! : )
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