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3 Favorite stories in games

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3 years ago#31
1) Uncharted series
2) L.A. Noire
3) Assassin's Creed (first game only)
3 years ago#32
Vagrant Story
Final Fantasy Tactics

I actually have the complete script book for Xenogears that was released in Japan. It's about an inch and a half thick.

This gen?

Xenoblade Chronicles

Been slim pickings this gen for good narratives. Even Nier and Xenoblade aren't nearly as good stories as they had the potential to be. Journey was ******* fantastic, but it doesn't really have a traditional narrative. It's more like a poem.
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3 years ago#33
I can't decide. I'll just list my favorites from this gen (Not including HD remasters):

- Xenoblade (minus the awful ending)
- Radiant Historia
- The Walking Dead
- Catherine
- Metal Gear Solid 4
- Far Cry 3 (Minus the awful ending)
- Mass Effect series
- Lost Odyssey
- Crisis Core
-Tales of Vesperia (Though like every Tales game, it has terrible pacing)
- Skyward Sword
- Nier

I think I'm forgetting a few, but yeah.
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3 years ago#34
My top 3:
Heavy Rain- PS3
Red Dead Redemption- PS3/Xbox 360
Tales of Vesperia- Xbox 360/ PS3 (Japan only)

Honorable Mentions:
Bioshock- Xbox 360/PS3/PC
Final Fantasy XIII- PS3/Xbox 360
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots- PS3
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3 years ago#35
Assassin's Creed
Red Dead Redemption
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3 years ago#36
should have put "this gen" in topic title.
coz I got squat here. if I had to pick I guess I'd mention the last story
3 years ago#37
valkyria chronicles
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3 years ago#38
~ The Witcher.
~ The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.
~ Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
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