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List the next great game you want from Capcom.

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2 years ago#61
God Foot
2 years ago#62
Dargons dargma 2 of course.
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2 years ago#63
Donte Man Fighter of Fire
2 years ago#64
Marozi posted...
Breath of Fire reboot with action-combat system (like the Tales series), Ryu slowly fills a gauge up as he attacks, when the gauge is full, overlimit dragon mode can be activated, powering him up to the dragon-hybrid form found in BoF 3 (Warrior/Myrmidon) 4 (default) and 5 (default) whereupon he kicks unholy amounts of buttocks.


The only good Dragon system was the Gene system in 3. An overhaul of Breath of Fire needs that system polished up.
2 years ago#65
RyuuHou25 posted...
Mega Man X Reboot

However, that will never happen, realistically. If it does, I will treat it as a sign of the apocalypse.

i think any good Mega Man game is a more reliable sign of the apocalypse
i didnt thrust myans but this would be some scary S***
2 years ago#66
BoF 6, that's the rpg i've wanting the most for 9 years.
Make it like BoF 3/4, or 5, or something completly new again. They are all amazing.
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2 years ago#67
Strider developped by Platinum Games.
2 years ago#68
killak posted...
Ghouls n Ghosts HD

PSN: RomanBlade86
2 years ago#69
Wishful: Street Fighter 5 done with sprites instead of the hideously ugly SF4 3-D style (like seriously, Capcom, were you TRYING to make the game as visually unappealing as possible?), set after SF3 in the timeline (not a prequel), with all new characters except for Ryu and Ken (like every other numbered SF title before 4 came along), and a good battle system that rewards skilled play instead of the "have a free Ultra for getting your ass beaten" casual-friendly crap that 4 had.

Realistic: Resident Evil 7 (and please try to make it as good as RE2/4, 5 was "meh" and 6 is just a trainwreck in every way imaginable).
2 years ago#70
This topic is so hilarious, because if any of these titles people have been listing are actually released, you won't really be able to play them. Wanna know why?

Because you'll be entirely too busy being in the last stage of SLEEP. You know, when DREAMS occur.
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