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Is Playstation Plus worth it?

#1comedysilver08Posted 1/9/2013 7:02:19 PM
I've had my ps3 for a few years now and I've started to notice some discounts and stuff that seem like they might be worth it, I was just wondering what you guys thought of it. Also, if you get a game with a ps plus discount can you still play it if you don't renew plus?
#2AwayFromHerePosted 1/9/2013 7:03:06 PM

Anything you BUY, regardless of Plus, is yours to keep.
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#3LuminescentRulePosted 1/9/2013 7:08:28 PM
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#4RomanBlade00Posted 1/9/2013 7:10:36 PM
Well, if you buy the game for a discount for being a Playstation Plus member through the Playstation Store then it's yours. If you download a game for free through Playstation Plus you're only able to play it for as long as you're a member.
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