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ADULT MAN POLL: Have you ever had/have X-rated videos stored on your PS3?

#31killakPosted 1/10/2013 6:10:11 PM
Why are you asking about Adult man poll?
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#32HaloODSTD(Topic Creator)Posted 1/10/2013 6:10:41 PM
in english please.
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#33blackwaltz3Posted 1/10/2013 7:22:42 PM
Never have, never will
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#34Zax77Posted 1/10/2013 7:27:21 PM
Yea I had 4 stoya videos and 6 gianna Michael ones saved on there, it was nice lol
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#35KatonPosted 1/10/2013 7:31:00 PM
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#36zone_cmdrPosted 1/10/2013 7:35:59 PM
No. No reason to have it on the PS3 when it's more easily accessible on other devices.
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