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So I'm buying online for the first time

#1ChiBear_downPosted 1/10/2013 5:40:20 PM
I always buy from stores, but now I'm buying online because I'm in college now and my college is out in the middle of nowhere, so there are no stores around. Anyways, I'm trying to buy some games online at the moment from Amazon and some of the prices are outrageous. $600 for just another game.

Should I not be using Amazon or something?
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#2HaloODSTDPosted 1/10/2013 5:42:54 PM
$600? How is that possible?

Amazon for college gamers is great because you can sign up for a free trial for Amazon prime! Low cost games + free shipping
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#3NGd72Posted 1/10/2013 5:43:40 PM
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#4NGd72Posted 1/10/2013 5:44:46 PM
but if you are a student sign up for amazon student membership for free (2 day free shipping)
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