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Anyone with less than 100 ps3 games isn't a gamer

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3 years ago#331
ExtremeLight posted...
theofficefan99 posted...
People who care about how many games you platinum are tools, especially since it's obvious that a vast majority of developers don't care about trophies at all and just throw them in there last minute, and yet so many people eat it up as if it's actual content.

I'm very proud of my 0% platinum rate. I'll invest my time into actual content and something that's actually rewarding, thank you very much.

What? Like the purpose of Platinum is to get you to beat the game 100%. They actually keep you with the game. Heck you could even learn something from the trophies you get.

I can't tell if you're being serious or not.
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3 years ago#332
I don't have over 100 games but I did played over 100 I just didn't think they were worth keeping
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3 years ago#333
knuxnole posted...
the_great_tidus posted...
knuxnole posted...
How do you even afford 100 PS3 games? :O

it's called a job. how old are you?

A job that you can put away 6000 bucks on gaming :O

I guess if you work a job with a six figure salary. Most people barely scrap by with 40k or less

How much money do YOU guys spend on gaming? And if you bought 100+ games, how do you actually handle rent, food, utilities, gas, beer money, etc.

Besides, MOST people who own a PS3 are in college or teenagers...

I can afford even with rent and everything I just don't think ps3 has over 100 games that is worth keeping
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3 years ago#334
BlinkWinkel posted...
ExtremeLight posted...
ps3_gamer_norge posted...
BlinkWinkel posted...
Someone with 100 games and less than 10 platinum trophies isn't a true gamer.

i agree. 10% platinum to game ratio is great

So 100 games and 10 platinums? A waste of money. You're not even making the most out of these games.

That's why someone can't be considered a true gamer if he has 100 games and can't even get 10% platinum ratio minimum.

Personally I have less than 50 PS3 games, but a ~50% platinum ratio. So who's the true gamer? Someone who has 100 games but zero platinum, or someone with less than 50 games but half of those games platinumed? Just saying.

I agree, it's the amount of trophies that makes you a real gamer, not the amount of games.
3 years ago#335
I think I currently own about 6 games. I get rid of games once I'm done with them.
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3 years ago#336
I aint playing crap I dont like. Im stict , and I am not playing crap no matter how high the reviews or if I dont want to play it.

I can name 100 games I dont want to pay rather than games I actual have played.
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