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Any see this comic about the PS Store? Buying online could be a lot easier...

#11gtaking5Posted 1/11/2013 8:07:22 AM(edited)
From: ComfortablySad | #008
Buying stuff is similar. You put money in your "bucket" as points instead of cash then draw from it when purchasing. he main difference is Live loads and goes from screen to screen faster. And less conformation prompts.

There are f***ing 3 if you already have money in your account. No more different than buying online. Actually about a million steps less. And having more confirmation screens is good. Because as it says right there when buying a game. NO REFUNDS. Sure 1 click buying on PSN would be nice. But what would happen if say, your little brother, or child, or whatever unholy heathen you have that uses your PSN account goes on the store and buys a bunch of stuff with your credit card? You can't cancel the transactions as Sony would ban your PSN account for fraud or some s***. You'd have to go through customer service, credit card company and a bunch of other s***. Or suck it up and accept the losses.

So 1 click buying isn't always good.

From: Chaingunmaster | #009
Everyone can learn something from Steam, it's like a paradise where everything you want can be bought for the price of a sandwich.

Where the f*** do you live that a sandwich is $15?

From: CaptainLuka | #010
And downloads faster.

So all in all, no. Xbox Live's store really isn't like the PSN store.

Hahaha no. And define faster. Because I'm pretty sure the major reason as to why people would say the 360 downloads faster(in the past at least) was because there was no wifi(unless you shelled out $100), so it'd always be a wired connection. And we all know wired is better for downloading.

And no matter what it always depends on your connection. The other day I downloaded Bully, from the PSN store, in around an hour. That's 4.5 gigs. In an hour. I don't even know how it managed that fast as my PS3 is usually slower than ass when downloading stuff recently(new, s***ty internet package, and newer, s***ier router).

If you have a 1mb download speed, you're gonna have a 1mb download when downloading on your console.
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#12vashtrichamPosted 1/11/2013 8:18:39 AM
I downloaded 2 4 gig games recently one of PSN and one on live they both took an hour.
My download speeds are fine on psn and are the same for me on live
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#13ChaingunmasterPosted 1/12/2013 1:23:58 AM
Where the f*** do you live that a sandwich is $15?

You've clearly never seen their Summer Sales.
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