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10 months till the next Call of Duty, 9 months till the next Assassin's Creed

#1PhaseBlackPosted 1/11/2013 1:03:20 PM
Seems so damn far away. Good thing we have games like Ni No Kuni, Sly Cooper 4, BioShock Infinite, God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us, and GTAV to hold us over till then
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#2TiaelPosted 1/11/2013 1:04:42 PM
Or Tales of Xillia, Fire Emblem: Awakening, SMT Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Dead Space 3, etc.
Ni no Kuni -
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#3JohnHitman47Posted 1/11/2013 1:17:29 PM(edited)
Its the title a joke??

from those you post it, i want GTA V, GoW A & The last of us.
But at least i have Those i mention,

Watch dogs
Dust 514
Dead island riptide
Crysis 3
BF4 (maybe its coming on 2013)
Ground zeroes (Maybe its coming on 2013)

So yea i don't need AC or CoD
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#4XeonexFlashPosted 1/11/2013 1:07:39 PM
-draws big wooly mammoth on the walls.-

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#5jubjub360Posted 1/11/2013 1:08:19 PM
It'll be two years until the next main entry, main AC team's Assassin's Creed game.
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#6PolishCockatielPosted 1/11/2013 1:10:43 PM
TC forgot to mention Metro Last Light, Aliens Colonial Marines, Metal Gear Rising, and Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.