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I feel like such a CAPCOM tool :PHaloODSTD39/18 6:18AM
This new Borderlands The Presequel Trailer is HILARIOUS!!!!!zerooo049/18 6:10AM
The top 100 PS3 games of all time
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Silent Hill isn't even scary
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(CODE VERONICA SPOILERS)What true Resident Evil game would be not Revelations 2DarkMaya639/18 5:17AM
Mass Effect Trilogy (Poll)
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How many of your friends have moved onto PS4? (Poll)
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Time and Eternity Fan Club
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mmpepsi149/18 4:39AM
Looking for a Fighting Game...
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rghost1228159/18 4:33AM
Digital Canadian PS2 Classics on UK console?DarkMaya649/18 4:28AM
Looking to get a GOOD anime game. Naruto UNS:R or J Stars Victory VS?lujjj99/18 4:25AM
ATTN Platinum Hunters: Do you guys actually have fun or is it more like a chore?
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HaloODSTD289/18 3:58AM
So, each numbered FF game takes place in a different universe?UltimatesTruth69/18 2:25AM
American Mcgee's Alice is f'n awesome.
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RJP_X139/18 2:16AM
Cheats in San Andreas.justaseabass39/18 2:14AM
Which PS1 games look best in a PS3 on an HDTV?
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StephieGamer139/18 1:38AM
FF Anthologycrazyray4739/18 1:34AM
Konami is applaud for trolling fans, unlike Square Enix an Capcom.UltimatesTruth109/18 1:07AM
Deus Ex Human Revolution DC worth $5 if you've played the hell out of vanilla?
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SUIT_UP399/18 1:07AM