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POLL: What's the Greatest RPG this Generation?

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User Info: thirdsage

4 years ago#141
Tales of Vesperia

User Info: blackmagemasher

4 years ago#142
Demon's Soul

Their might be better games, but I have completed this game more than most (i think i have done about 8 playthroughs)
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User Info: q8sd

4 years ago#143
The Witcher 2

User Info: Master_Bass

4 years ago#144
GLAMPIRE posted...
Tales of Vesperia (On 360).

This. I prefer the PS3 version, though.

User Info: Umega4

4 years ago#145
Deus Ex Human Revolution, thank you...

User Info: GrandpaShuffle

4 years ago#146
Witcher 2 for me by a country mile

User Info: ChargedBuster

4 years ago#147
Dark souls, For sure. It's easily my most played game, perhaps ever.
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User Info: geovanicaon

4 years ago#148
Alltra posted...
This is the same forum that voted FFXIII better than Chrono Trigger, what did you expect?

OMG I hope thats not true. It must be Candid Camera. Come on. Seriously.
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User Info: Fishlover2004

4 years ago#149
Fallout 3 for me. It was an unexpected surprise.

User Info: Anodyne11

4 years ago#150
See sig.
Valkyria Chronicles is the best RPG this gen!
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