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Thinking about getting the 3 Bioshock games on PS3...
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xxnike629xx117/23 3:36PM
Hitman Absolution is a scam.
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harcoreblazer537/23 3:15PM
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the new batman is too fat
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Billy Trance147/23 2:38PM
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Any fanservice games like Senran Kagura or Akiba's Trip for the PS3?Spade21X37/23 1:52PM
Playing Catherine almost entirely blind right now...
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POOKISTAN177/23 1:25PM
have you ever gave up on a game because it was too hard?
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jdh1996387/23 12:53PM
Anti-aliasing problem, need help pleaseDesigner_FF67/23 12:53PM
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About to replace hard drive. Can only back up 32 gb. Any tips/warnings?UncleGrubby47/23 12:42PM
Do you think Trophies add replay Value? (Poll)
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overlordlaharl0657/23 12:38PM
Do you have every single PS1 classic JRPG on PSN? (Poll)knightoffire5517/23 12:33PM
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Does Chun-li play the same in SF4 and SFxT?indica87/23 11:03AM