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Okay. So why are we not collectively mad about this? (PS3 Bckwrd comp.)

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3 years ago#1
Okay, first gen PS3s come out, have hardware BC and are awesome.

Second Gen Ps3s come out, have software BC, and are slightly less awesome.

Third+ Gen PS3s come out and do NOT have any BC.

So the second generations have SOFTWARE BC, I.E. no other parts than what was produced later... and yet they take it away. But this isn't the part I'm mad about.

A few years later they begin re-selling PS2 games back to us! And the internet collectively doesn't care. This kinda boggles my mind. It's one thing to take it out (which I still don't see why) but it's an entirely different thing to then start selling the games that you don't really have any other option for playing on that system anymore. It's clear the system CAN play why can't I put my disc in and play it?

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3 years ago#2
I prefer HD versions.
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3 years ago#3
--- This man is a liar people. Just ignore him and move on
3 years ago#4
Because I own NTSC and PAL PS2s.
3 years ago#5
My PS2 still works so...... Yup
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3 years ago#6
People aren't mad about this? That's news to me.
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3 years ago#7
Sheep will be sheep.
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3 years ago#8
I was very disappointed with this as well.
3 years ago#9
U1gitarooman posted...

Everyone was mad.

Sony didn't care too much.

We got over it.

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3 years ago#10
People were talking about it back when it was the hot button topic. There are many different reasons and excuses as to why it was removed, so it all comes down to "just deal with it".
If there were that focused about re-selling PS2 games back to us, then they'd be giving us games we actually want. No, I'm not talking about the HD editions of games, I'm talking about the ones on PSN. There are people out there who cry, stomp their foot, and act like children when it comes to original PS2 games playing on their PS3. They complain that "they don't look pretty enough" and demand HD remakes.
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  3. Okay. So why are we not collectively mad about this? (PS3 Bckwrd comp.)

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