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What disc is in your Ps3?

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4 years ago#1
Or what was the last disc in there?

For me it was Alice Madness Returns
4 years ago#2
Disgaea 4.

3 things I dislike before a game release:
The wait, the haters and the trolls
4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
Mass Effect 2 and Far Cry 3 (two different PS3's)
4 years ago#5
Red Dead Redemption: GOTY
"Vita is a really powerful machine and I wanted to take advantage of that. I didn't just want to show off boobs, but I wanted to show off butts too"
4 years ago#6
Littlebigplanet 2 - Wars World News - The most chilled AW community on the web.
4 years ago#7
Anarchy Reigns
Deathcore is garbage.
4 years ago#8
Demon Soules I think :O It's in closet because I haven't hooked it back up since i moved.
4 years ago#9
RIP Everquest Online Adventures 2003-2012
4 years ago#10
Nier. Just picked it up along with Little Big Planet 2 and Dragon's Dogma all for 60 bucks!
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