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Most Pointless Final Fantasy Character?

#111blankempathyPosted 1/19/2013 5:19:24 AM
PhaseSlaethe posted...
KoroshiyaZero posted...
This is funny. Vaan is probably the most important character on that list. There is no logic or sense in bandwagon gamers.


But sadly, everyone with the IQ of IrateGamer thinks that the main character of your game should also be the center of the game's universe.

There are many contributing factors to the idea of a character being pointless. It isn't because Vaan is the main character and the game doesn't involve around him. The problem with Vaan is that he doesn't really contribute at all. He's just along for the ride, like some kind of groupie and the other characters don't want to tell him to stop following them because then they'll feel bad. Throw in the fact that he was only added in late in the game to appeal to a certain demographic is the definition of pointless. He was basically shoe horned into the game and it shows. He also has the weakest character development in the game. Some people will say that would be Penelo but Penelo wasn't trying to exactly attain or become anything. She was perfectly content with her normal life with Vaan. Even then she seems to have a stronger connection with the rest of the cast including Larsa then Vaan. You can argue that gogo/umaro/yuffie are pointless but they fill their roles. They're not trying to be more then they basically are which are bonus characters.
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