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VG 24/7 - Devil May Cry ''fans'' are a crying shame.

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4 years ago#81
Excellent action game. Great DMC. I'm proud I own it. :)
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4 years ago#82
Chaingunmaster posted...
So how does what you just said make "if you like it, you're what's wrong with gaming" any less elitist of a statement?

Because if plenty of people who like it buy it, this means more sequels in that same veign. Basically, it ruins the chances of there ever appearing another true Devil May Cry game again. Don't believe me? That exact thing happened to Resident Evil.
Read the mania:
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4 years ago#83
^^ that
4 years ago#84
Aren't the fans the people that buy the game? What do they accomplish by insulting the fans of the series?
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4 years ago#85
From: mrhappyguy12345 | #003
Sadly most gamers are a crying shame nowadays. Most of you guys actively look for something to complain about.
Fanboys are a cancer to gaming but Sony fanboys are a particularly aggressive and repulsive form.
4 years ago#86
Squirrel semen.

That's all you need to know about this game.
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4 years ago#87
Although I do agree that many of the DMC haters are idiots, this article is honestly on par with that article that is used as "proof" that ps3 fanboys are worse than 360 or wii fanboys. Sensationalism at its best.
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