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What is your opinion on. . . Bioware's stance on Gay gaming?

#231TheIastspartanPosted 1/16/2013 10:32:17 AM
Unpure_Euphoria posted...
From: TheIastspartan | Posted: 1/16/2013 11:01:30 AM | #186
Future games should ask for sexuality during character creation, if you ask me. Then conversations and interaction can be tailored accordingly, and everyone is happy. Having my entire crew hit on me cause I said a few nice things is getting a tad old.

Except people don't just automatically know your sexual preference. You can say nice things to crew members and not have them hit on you - there will always, always be a point where you can let them know they're getting the wrong idea before it goes very far at all.

I don't really care about the characters automatically knowing my preference. It's a freakin video game. Not to mention they could have an option to skip preference and leave it as is. Everyone wins.

And yes, you can usually stop romances before they get very far. My main issue, however, is that they begin too fast. I compliment Kaidan a few times and suddenly he thinks we're in love. It's absurd, really. It's very obvious it was shoehorned in just to cater to a bigger crowd.
#232ADHDguitarPosted 1/16/2013 10:34:17 AM
Basically, games should make it easier to say "Sorry buddy, but I don't swing that way."
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#233jrr18Posted 1/16/2013 10:36:04 AM
ADHDguitar posted...
Basically, games should make it easier to say "Sorry buddy, but I don't swing that way."

That would have been helpful in dragon age 2 with anders.
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#234ThePatrickPosted 1/16/2013 10:36:46 AM
The question of whether or not gay relationships should be available for gamers who are so inclined is beyond moot to me—it's just a matter of course, honestly.

What's my opinion on how they handled it? It's kinda a mixed bag but I could see that it's a delicate subject. On one hand, they will reach a wider audience if they allow for same-sex hook-up-ness. But at the same time, they probably figured "well, I don't wanna turn off all the folks who get all grossed out by such things!" That's probably why they sequestered it to a weird fantasy world.

Trouble is, although it sounds like that would work out, there's like another easy criticism that can be made regarding the logic behind such a choice. It could be seen the wrong way, in other words. You know, "I don't mind if gays exist--just keep 'em away from me!" kind of thing.

I dunno, it doesn't effect me too much personally, but I could see the various viewpoints on the subject. I can also see that they would need to address it somehow as it is a social game, and so there will be all the same social conflicts arising there as in the rest of society.

Personally, I play games for action and silliness and don't really go in for WOW-esque things where the main point is to kinda run around and make friends or whatever, anyway, so ... *shrug*
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#235darkphoenix181Posted 1/16/2013 10:37:51 AM
DrakoVongola1 posted...

I'm only prejudiced against people who try to deny other's their rights, especially ones who use God to justify their bigotry. I don't know you so how can I know whether or not you're like the majority of Christians?

The point is what you just said, just now, is prejudice.
Replace Christians with black people and see how that sounds. You can't say the majority of Christians are bad as you probably haven't even met 10% of them.
And yet you just did.
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#236nutslapPosted 1/16/2013 10:41:26 AM
they should put it in the options, like "blood"
maybe she's born with it
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methosagain posted...
velvet_hammer posted...
methosagain posted...

Pretty stupid Prof if he didn't know the differences between an Ape and a Hominid

well hominid are great apes but extinct. one theory is we evolved from them, they say there extinct b/c they ALL evolved.. who created the hominid? I guess if people believe that they have to believe something happened from nothing and boom life formed..

I believe God said boom and life formed :)

We are Hominids, face palm

no thats a theory and darwins evolution has been proven to be wrong.. Heres Darwins theorys and facts disproving them
lots of scientific conflictions, science cant have it both ways..
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#238TerotrousPosted 1/16/2013 10:46:30 AM(edited)
darkphoenix181 posted...
The point is what you just said, just now, is prejudice.
Replace Christians with black people and see how that sounds. You can't say the majority of Christians are bad as you probably haven't even met 10% of them.
And yet you just did.

The problem is, as I said, that Christians are giving these people a voice. When a pastor goes on a talk show and says that gays caused 9/11, you need to have all kinds of people raising their voice and saying "this man does NOT speak for Christians, don't listen to him". The fact that these people are allowed to keep spewing their hatred and cloak it in their religious beliefs without being criticized by the church is what gives the impression that even if the majority of Christians don't think this way themselves, they at least condone it.

Even if you want to argue that free speech permits these people to say what they want, you should at least understand that it doesn't give them the right to associate themselves with people who do not share their views. If you don't agree with what someone has to say, you're completely within your rights to forbid them from speaking on your behalf.
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#239El_ZaggyPosted 1/16/2013 10:45:43 AM
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#240cavebear56Posted 1/16/2013 10:45:58 AM
A lot of moronic people who have no understanding of Christianity outside of stupid stereotypes.

Good job haters you're just as bad as the fundamentalists you mock. Pathetic.

And for those just using Google to cherry pick the Hebrew Bible/NT, try reading it and then applying historical context ya dead brained dullards.

Many people, regardless of religion (which includes atheism as it is a belief system) feel uncomfortable around homosexuals. It is a societal standpoint, the roots don't matter what matters is it is an issue that I feel should be addressed now.

Laws from the government won't help. Forcing Buddhists and Taoists (insert all faiths) to change views on sexuality won't help. What will help is for people to understand you can not agree with something but be tolerant.

Something this topic seems to have lacked. So what if people don't agree with homosexuality. Cry some more over something irrelevant. You have no right to be accepted just because you are a person with feelings, that's something you earn through your actions and your character.

Homosexuality is not wrong nor is it right. It is a choice and people do not have to approve of your choice of straight, gay or both but they should understand it. That is the issue not accepting homosexuality, it doesn't need to be accepted as it is undeniably unimportant.

This is coming from an existential, agnostic, Taoist, skeptic pragmatist before some ignorant cro magnon tries to label me as something else.

Lastly for my stance on homosexuality, like with all things as long as it isn't harming another (directly or indirectly) then I have no problem with it.
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