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where can i buy ps2 games on the psn?

#1thevirgin878Posted 1/16/2013 12:56:14 PM
After the update i can't seem to find a list, ill i see its the Top Selling ones......How do i scrolll through the games they have???
#2thevirgin878(Topic Creator)Posted 1/16/2013 12:59:35 PM
#3RomanBlade00Posted 1/16/2013 1:54:40 PM
Find the Classics section and they will be mixed up among the Playstation 1 games as well.
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#4stalepie29Posted 1/16/2013 2:18:50 PM
You can add a filter at the top of the classics section (under "Game Type") to show just the PS2 games.
#5gtaking5Posted 1/16/2013 2:23:31 PM
More specifically go into the games section, PS3 games, all games and press Triangle, hit sort, and I believe you want to scroll to "Sort by Type" and from there you can chose PS3 games, PS1 classics and PS2 classics.
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