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whats a good game thats $25 or under, (gamestop used price wise)

#11Still__RippinPosted 1/16/2013 3:35:33 PM
ComfortablySad posted...
I agree with Still__Rippin. Sacred 2 is great. It's like Diablo though less linear and with a MUCH bigger world. I spent almost 100 hours on it and explored less than 70% of the map. =p

l'm currently on at 77.9% of the way through Gold on my Inquisitor with 63 hours playtime and 33.8% of the map revealed LOL! l can't wait to get to platinum and start doing all sidequessts and hidden bosses. Oh hey TC, it has around 30 bosses and some hidden ones as well. Then, after you kill them they show up as avatars on the map. lt's pretty sweet lol.
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