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Ball is officially in Sony's court yard... Bioware dev says "720 is not

#1SophisticationPosted 1/16/2013 5:35:15 PM
Going to be a huge leap over what we have now, or even remotely on par with the leap from xbox to xbox 360"

This basically nullifies the rumour specs...

So sony must be thinking the same, or hopefully even larger scale. What if Ps4 launched with noticeably more tech heavy specs, would it make you want it more? What if ps4 launched at a 1 to 200 higher tag than Microsoft's box? Would it be dead in the water?

I'm more interested in ps4 than the next box even more now. They said, bioware, could notb address the ps4 at all. Sounds interesting.
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#2SayoriaPosted 1/16/2013 5:37:29 PM
And other devs said neither of them will be able to match the Wii-U.
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#3methosagainPosted 1/16/2013 5:38:07 PM
"The next generation of Xbox hardware won't be quite as barn-storming an upgrade as Xbox 360 was over the original Xbox, BioWare's director of art and animation Neil Thompson has told OXM. It'll still be ""quite a big leap"", mind."
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#4lambchipsPosted 1/16/2013 5:38:54 PM
john carmack already said ps4/720 wont be too impressive...
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#5chiefofsb78Posted 1/16/2013 5:40:47 PM
The PS4 will be better and sell no matter what because its PS
#6chiefofsb78Posted 1/16/2013 5:41:53 PM
Motsu posted...
And other devs said neither of them will be able to match the Wii-U.

Lol that was funny
#7Wiiplayer111Posted 1/16/2013 5:42:41 PM
chiefofsb78 posted...
The PS4 will be better and sell no matter what because its PS

Not if they change the name to Omni or whatever weird circle of life reference they are trying to make with the Vita.
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#8Devilman_AmonPosted 1/16/2013 5:43:40 PM
To be honest I wasn't initially impressed with the jump from XBox to XBox 360/PS2 to PS3 anyway.

I just want good games
#9rofflchopperPosted 1/16/2013 5:44:39 PM
From: lambchips | #004
john carmack already said ps4/720 wont be too impressive...

Exactly. Anyone thinking the PS4 will blow away the 720 in terms of specs is setting themselves up to be disappointed. I don't think Sony is looking for a high launch price again.
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#10zerooo0Posted 1/16/2013 5:48:27 PM
Doesn't really bother me as long as if we see actual improvements. Like from Xbox to 360, PS2 to PS3 we saw a clear gap in technology. Even if next gen gap is as small as 60FPS standard(I know may not happen) then that will be impressive enough.

I've been gaming since the PS1, and SNES era so I'm astounded to see how far we have came from, and I'm even more impressed that MS managed to put a dent into Sony. Not saying I want Sony to fall or anything, but a company that was a Titan in the Gaming world got great a great challenger this gen from a 150Mill fanbase of the PS2 to a 70Mill fanbase of the PS3. It's simply amazing, and this is the type of competition that I love, and hope to see more create. Especially with Valve entering the console market soon.
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