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Best PS3 RPG of Japanese Origin

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3 years ago#41
ComfortablySad posted...
Q_Sensei posted...
Wait, have you played Demon/Dark Souls?

There is definitely a level of character growth there indicative of an RPG. While it's not required to beat the game, it certainly makes things much easier.

While NG and GoW have RPG Elements, you can't spend 4 hours grinding souls to make a boss easier.

Yep, platinumed Demons Souls and nearly platinumed Dark (gave up trying to cut of crystal dragon's tail). I see what you're saying but the differences between Demon/Dark Souls and GoW aren't huge from a character development standpoint. If Kratos had a wizard tree and the ability to back stab they'd be almost identical.

lmao, wow
3 years ago#42
Souls, not even close.
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3 years ago#43
I shut my eyes in order to see
3 years ago#44
Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 or....

mogar002 posted...
Disgeae 4

3 years ago#45
Where's the "Others" option?

Anyway, Resonance of Fate for me *points to sig*
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