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Sign if you don't hate Ni No Kuni

#31leonodoPosted 1/17/2013 4:43:46 PM
looks ok. I LOVE jrpgs but I don't really see what the hype is about though
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#32RomangeloPosted 1/18/2013 11:57:29 AM
I hate it.
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#33spike17spiegelPosted 1/18/2013 11:59:41 AM

I can't wait. Haven't played a good RPG in a long time.
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#34AlltraPosted 1/18/2013 12:00:34 PM

But that doesn't mean I don't dislike certain things about the game.
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#35wstfldPosted 1/18/2013 12:01:33 PM
Why would anyone hate this game?
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