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Kaz Hirai on Sony philosophy "Sony will target customers willing to pay more?"

#31crazyman32Posted 1/17/2013 4:43:27 PM
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greed never pays sony.

Yea greed can pay.I actually don't think is greed anyway if people are willing to pay more which they do when they buy the overpriced Ipad for example instead of cheaper better Tablets.

So, no greed involved with Xbox LIVE then.....I mean, people are just simply willing to pay more........

I don't have a problem with Xbox Live if people are willing to pay more I don't blame Microsoft for charging more.

I like the way you think about that......thanks for being consistent too......too little if that around here IMHO.

no problem and yes there is a lot of trolls on here who just annoy and trash people who don't agree with their views on a game.
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I.E they don't sell plastic garbage, they sell nice things which appeal to responsible and wealthy people.

<3 kaz

Tell that to my Sony HDTV. Manufactured June 2011, purchased August 2011, died May 2012.

Sounds like plastic garbage to me, not to mention my fat ps3 dying after only 3 years despite playing only an average of 5 hours a week and taking very good care of it. Only reason I got a new one is because I already had a ton of games for it.

Does that model have a history of failure? If not, seems like a one-off to me. Did you have a warranty?
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