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Dot Hack G.U. Vol. 1/2/3 are the greatest games ever made and I cant play them.
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HappyBull237/26 7:57PM
Problem with PS1 classics...
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Bar_bar13177/26 7:50PM
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best multiplayer games for the PSN? (can have good single player too)KaspaUFgator57/26 5:22PM
Need a new RPG. Suggestions?
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ModicaSolis217/26 5:20PM
Platinum Games' Legend of Korra gameplay
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badboy357/26 5:05PM
Dragon's Dogma & Dark Arisen fans, do you prefer the original title theme? (Poll)
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BambooPandamo127/26 4:33PM
Would you say I'm all set JRPG wise?
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Nend0337/26 4:32PM
So I have $66.66 in the great USA PSN for the next $0.99 and $5 Flash Sales
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gotalambo287/26 4:18PM
Are You Going To Purchase The Evil Within On The PS3? (Poll)ComradeRyan87/26 3:45PM
Ninja Theory is better then Compile HeartMyWifeBeatsMe47/26 3:36PM
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is missing on the Playstation Store.
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killerdestroyer147/26 3:26PM
Is Final Fantasy Chronicles on the PSN worth it?
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T-dus147/26 3:26PM