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Last game you bought, and what's next?

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User Info: Justice98405

4 years ago#1
Last game: DmC this morning before I started work. Got to play the first two levels now that I've been home a while. Pretty cool so far. Glitchy, which is disappointing, but I'm glad I bought it regardless.

Next: Ni No Kuni on Tuesday. I don't care for the art style, but I like Level 5, I've got the money, and I like buying games. Fire Emblem: Awakening might be the one after that as well.
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User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#2
Last game: Anarchy Reigns
Next: Ni no Kuni

User Info: ironmaidenfan70

4 years ago#3
Dmc for 360

Next Ni No Kuni
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User Info: archizzy

4 years ago#4
Last game

Ni No Kuni.

Next one. Not sure. Haven't looked ahead much. I'll cross that bridge when it comes.
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User Info: ohmyupoorchild

4 years ago#5
Last bought: Rocksmith.

Ni no Kuni is next.
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User Info: Bigkiller143

4 years ago#6
Far Cry 3 bout 45 minutes ago. Finished the install finally started the tutorial and paused then of wouldn't stop trying to connect to ubi servers....

Next is Tales of Graces F from little kid on CL tomorrow.

User Info: legionofpancake

4 years ago#7
Last bought the Walking Dead. Next is gonna be Sly 4.
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User Info: phaces

4 years ago#8
Last: Mass Effect Trilogy

Next: Ni no Kuni

User Info: TheMcKnightMare

4 years ago#9
Nier... Dead Space 3 is up next
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User Info: OrangeSchweese

4 years ago#10
The Cave (Steam version)
Ni No Kuni
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