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Last game you bought, and what's next?

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4 years ago#41
Last : Dead Rising 2: Off The Record ( ordered it yesterday)

Next : Hitman HD Trilogy
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4 years ago#42
Last: Sleeping Dogs
Next: Fire Emblem 3DS
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4 years ago#43
Last: Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition, Dragon Age 2 and Dead Rising 2 Off the Record (ordered all at the same time)

Next: Dead Space 3
4 years ago#44
Last bought Dark Souls back in September for PC. Still playing it - god damn this game's addictive lol :P
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4 years ago#45
Borderlands 2 on Steam a couple of days ago, plus the Mechromancer DLC. Was hesitant at first as the first Borderlands kind of bored me, but I am really glad I decided to go for it. Much better, more fleshed out game than the first.

Unless you count the pre-order I made on Amazon yesterday for the Tomb Raider Collectors Edition. Than that would be most recent I guess. It's not here yet, but I did technically buy

Next up would be maybe Crysis 3 for PC pending impressions upon release. If Crysis 3 will be good for anything, it's the eyeballs and earholes at the very least. But definitely Rayman Legends.
4 years ago#46
Last was Afro samurai next anarchy reigns
4 years ago#47
The Cave (Steam)
Probably Aliens: Colonial Marines
if not, then Bioshock: Infinite
4 years ago#48
Bully for PS3
Next - Bioshock Infinite probably.
Waiting for Bioshock Infinite
4 years ago#49
Ninja Gaiden 1-3

It's going to be my last for a long while, busy year for me.
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4 years ago#50
Last: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale and Yakuza Dead Souls

Next: Not sure yet. May get a 3DS XL (yes, I know it's not a game, but it's game-industry related).
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