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I Hope Dead Space 3 Brings The Horror Back Just like in the first game

#1MDP85Posted 1/18/2013 12:07:05 AM
DS1 was and still is pretty scary I always catch myself jumping
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#2PhaseBlackPosted 1/18/2013 12:07:51 AM
.... Have you been following Dead Space 3 at all?
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#3mogar002Posted 1/18/2013 12:09:02 AM
Can't be less scary than DS1, that was practically a kids game.
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#4fire2boxPosted 1/18/2013 12:34:10 AM
Doom 3 was more scary then Dead Space 1. Dead Space is pretty much Resident Evil style Aliens.

It's biggest asset is the copying of Event Horizon.
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#5MDP85(Topic Creator)Posted 1/18/2013 1:40:37 AM
Damn come to think about it totally reminds me of event horizon
Fear Is A Great Motivator
#6ZombiDeadZombiPosted 1/18/2013 1:50:25 AM
MDP85 posted...
Damn come to think about it totally reminds me of event horizon

Isaac's helmet is modeled after the Event Horizon.
#7DaggeraxePosted 1/18/2013 4:19:32 AM
I literally laughed when I saw the topic title.
#8IChangedMyNamePosted 1/18/2013 4:22:55 AM
I was put off by the whole 'Co-op' thing, but after hearing about how they are doing it I'm kinda excited to see how it works mow.
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#9thesnoopmeisterPosted 1/18/2013 4:45:33 AM
No horror was taken out of Dead Space 2.

It's not their fault if you already played the first one and knew what to expect.

But mostly when people say how much better Dead Space was they have never played either of them, much like the CoD haters.
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#10ZombiDeadZombiPosted 1/18/2013 4:51:16 AM
You know, I hate it when Dead Space topics get made, because there are always the people who say "that game wasn't scary".

To you it might not be scary, but for a lot of people it was, and that's all that matters.

Another thing, people need to start realizing that horror does not necessarily mean scary. The two things are not always synonymous, and once people realize this, they will enjoy horror games much more.